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School Shoes

Why is good quality footwear important for my child? Studies have shown that good quality footwear positively affects how children walk and run. It all starts from a young age with early intervention and proactive treatment. Did you know that many adult foot problems could be prevented in childhood? Good shoes don’t necessarily have to look like orthopaedic shoes. The range of styles these days in the world of school shoes can be quite varied. While the most typical school shoes can look the same on the outside, it’s actually the internal structure of the shoe that is most important. Orthopaedic shoes are definitely designed and manufactured differently.

On average, most children spend upward of 1,000 hours per year in their school shoes, making school shoes the most important footwear consideration for children. Orthopaedic shoes for toddlers are not always the right fit. Getting the best podiatry advice is our recommendation.

At Happifeet Podiatry, we offer a complimentary 10mins paediatric foot screening for your child when you come in for a shoe fitting. Providing the correct orthopaedic shoes for kids for school can make a big difference to their foot and ankle development.

The effects of ill-fitting shoes have been widely demonstrated and may present as either skin (blistering, pressure spots etc) or mechanical (toe-walking, in-toeing, toe deformities etc) concerns.

If you had to wear the same pair of shoes everyday and had to walk, run and jump on concrete and grass, how good would you expect your shoes to be?

We only get one chance with your child’s feet. Make sure that their feet are given the best possible chance to develop properly.

We have found a range of shoes suitable for school aged kids. These shoes look like normal school shoes on the outside but from a Podiatrist’s point of view, could actually be viewed as orthopaedic shoes for kids. The reason for this is the wide range of features available to suit your child’s foot shape and foot type.

In particular, we have brands such as SkobiKeen and Orthaheel.

Skobi have a range of school shoes that can cater for wide feet, narrow feet and even for children who have sensory perception disorder where every stitch and friction against their feet is irritating. This orthopedic shoe brand for kids is actually designed and founded by a Brisbane based paediatric Podiatrist.

Keen is another great shoe for kids with extremely wide feet. The toggle shoe lace and Velcro option for little preppies is just perfect for school.

Orthaheel school shoes are another brand designed like orthopaedic shoes for kids. Each pair actually comes with it’s own removable arch supportive insole, which can be adjusted by the podiatrist if your child needs a slightly lower or higher arch support.

We have taken care to provide great options for parents when searching for the best school shoes for their child. Each child can also receive a complimentary 10 minute foot screening by one of our Podiatrists as well. By talking to one of our Podiatrists you can be rest assured that the most suitable school shoe is provided for your child.