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Middle Park

Happifeet Podiatry is a Shoe Shop & Podiatry Clinic located in Springfield Lakes and Middle Park. We have been in the Springfield Lakes area since 2004 and in the last 2 years have expanded to include a shoe shop, selling podiatry endorsed footwear for our patients and to the public as well.

As children’s feet are made mostly of soft cartilage, it is extremely important to have the correct footwear for them at a young age. In fact, many adult foot conditions could have been prevented if properly fitted, good shoes were worn in childhood.

Here at Happifeet Podiatry, we are a clinic and shoe store with two locations in Middle Park and Springfield Lakes. Our work is not just limited to specific podiatry needs but also includes our aim to keep children happy, healthy and active in their school shoes.

We are passionate about protecting the foot health of all children in our community. Our overall goal as podiatrists is to increase awareness in our local school community on how correctly fitted school shoes can impact a child’s development and foot health from the point of view of a podiatrist. Middle Park and Springfield Lakes are ideal locations for our shoe store as there is a lack of comfort footwear in the region. Middle Park in particular did not have any quality footwear stores before Happifeet Podiatry moved into the area in 2017. It was a natural for us to combine the quality services of a podiatrist with our expert fitting service for podiatry approved footwear for both children and adults.

Springfield Central

Springfield Central, Ipswich and the surrounding area is the fastest growing area in the South-East Queensland. The region is a fast growing sector encompassing numerous suburbs in particular Springfield. Podiatry care in the region was identified as lacking in the early stages. There were many young families moving into the region but a lack of podiatry services. We service the entire Greater Springfield area which includes Springfield, Springfield Lakes, Springfield Central, Brookwater, Augustine Heights, Spring Mountain, Bellbird Park, Camira, Greenbank, Goodna, Redbank and Redbank Plains.

Happifeet Podiatry was then established in 2004 to cater for this need. It is also a region with a high number of young children due to the demographics of Springfield Lakes and surrounding suburbs.

At Happifeet Podiatry, we are passionate about helping children. Although most children are assessed from birth for any major deformities, most abnormalities do not become apparent until the child begins weight bearing and/or walking.  Most children will start walking whenever they are ready, which varies between 9 and 18 months old.  Our podiatrists do not recommend baby walkers to encourage your child to start walking sooner as these baby walkers have been known to actually cause abnormal walking patterns in children.

We will also be interested in your child’s shoes as they play a major role in the development of their feet and ankles.  Shoes should not restrict the movement of the foot or ankle and should bend in all the right places.  At home, it is usually better for them to go bare foot. This will improve their co-ordination and strength because they will be allowed to adapt to the different types of surfaces.

Sometimes parents have been advised that the child will grow out of most walking problems. However, some may not and it is well documented that for most conditions early treatment results in better outcomes. If your instincts lead you to suspect that there is something ‘not right’, then a podiatrist can help by conducting a thorough assessment. Podiatry treatment can help reduce pain and discomfort in the feet, ankles and legs of not only children but also in adults. We plan to continue to help this region of Springfield Lakes and surrounding suburbs and take care of all of their foot care needs, from childhood through to adulthood.