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Bobux Soft Sole Slipper

Last Chance Last Pair. Size - (S) Small
Brands: Bobux

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These cute baby shoes are made from Bobux eco-leather and feature Bobux's original elastic ankle system and a flexible slip-resistant suede leather sole, perfect for hardwood and tile floors. Just what little feet need when they're not fully developed yet. The sole is roughened and therefore durable and antiskid. Because of the elastic band round the ankle the Bobux slippers are easy to put on, but they make sure your baby can't take or kick them off easily.

Bobux Soft Sole is the original all-leather, ultra-soft shoe that gently protects and comforts babies’ growing feet. Little feet need to be protected, but they also need the freedom to grow and develop naturally, the Bobux founders designed the Original Soft Sole almost 30 years ago to be like a second skin.

  • 1. Premium Leather Upper for breathability, elastic collar for easy fit and imaginative colours to stimulate young minds.
  • 2. Natural Suede Soft Sole - scuff resistant and soft on fragile babies skin.
  • 3. Shoe Shape - shaped for babies feet for an anatomically correct, comfy fit.