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How to Choose the Right Shoe for Your Child
Written by one of Happifeet Podiatry’s Senior Podiatrists, Tram Phan (a mother of 2 boys and podiatrist for over 14 years, helping patients of all ages) Each human foot comprises of 26 bones. As a child, these bones are mostly cartilage; as the foot grows that cartilage begins to form its final shape and starts to harden and become bone. To put it simply, your child’s foot is very mouldable and adaptable to whatever shoe shape you put their foot into. If the shoes are too narrow and the wrong shape your child’s soft bones will mould into that narrow shape. If the shoes are too stiff, the muscles will learn to develop differently as they adapt to that stiff shoe. Having the wrong shoes on your child’s foot can lead to abnormal walking patterns like tip-toe-walking, pigeon toe-walking and toe deformities.
Do your kids suffer heel pain?
With so many children involved in competitive school or club sports these days, it is not uncommon for parents and coaches to notice more foot, ankle and leg complaints from children. These complaints can be due to an overuse injury, which develop with an increase in training frequency and intensity. Overuse injuries can affect anyone, they are certainly not limited to people who are elite athletes. There are many parts of the body affected by overuse injuries. In the feet and legs, the bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and even the growth plates (such as the one at the back of the heel bone or just below the knees) can all become sore. Offering your customers a feature of wish list as part of shopping cart is a great way to build loyalty to your store site. Having the feature of wish list on a store site allows online businesses to engage with their customers in a smart way as it allows the shoppers to create a list of what they desire and their preferences for future purchase.
Happifeet Podiatry can Play a Big Part in Your Weight Loss.
As professionals we are not suppose to have favorites but Kris Capri is one of ours. He is a lovely 37-year-old man who loves collecting Paw Patrol and Yugio cards and is a self-professed expert on anything The Sims or Star Wars related. He also has diabetes and has struggled most of his life to control his weight. Like a lot people, Kris found that as his weight increased it was harder to be active. Even taking his dog Jett for a causal walk was uncomfortable. “The additional weight load on your feet places a lot of stress & strain on the 52 bones, 66 joints & over 200 muscles, tendons & ligaments that make-up your feet,” says Happifeet Senior Podiatrist, Tram.