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Bamboo - Crew Socks

Available Colour & Size White Size: M6-10;W8-11
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When you regularly get involved in sports, the last thing you want is uncomfortable socks, but people frequently wear the wrong ones and end up with socks rolling down mid-sport, sweaty feet and an uncomfortable feeling – what a disaster!

With our Bamboo Above Ankle Sports Socks, you'll never experience any of these issues. Featuring reinforced toes and heels, they have a padded sole for blister protection and additional comfort, and will go with you to the gym and beyond. Fitting snugly into trainers, sports and casual footwear, they won't slip inside at any point - guaranteed. No matter what the weather, they'll stay cozy and warm in the colder months and cool when the sun is out.

These bamboo socks are for you if you:

  • Wear sport socks
  • Have Smelly or Sweaty feet
  • Don't like shorter sport socks